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Team members


. Research and publications 

Expertise areas:

Research and publications

Expertise areas: Human Activity Recognition, Wearable Sensors, Machine Learning, Assistive Technologies, Human Computer Interaction, Social Robotics

Research and publications

Expertise areas: Energy-harvesting system management, Mixed-signal VLSI design, Neuromorphic systems

Research and publications

Expertise areas: Human Activity Recognition, Inertial Sensors, Machine Learning, Embedded Systems, Automatic Control

 (Coordinator).  Research and publications

Expertise areas: Mixed-signal VLSI design, Digital design, Neuromorphic systems, CMOS-MEMS

. Research and publications

Expertise areas: Embedded systems, Digital design, VLSI design, Digital signal processing, Bio-inspired systems, System On Chip design, Reconfigurable architectures and FPGAs

.   Research and publications

 Expertise areas: Inertial Sensors, Embedded algorithms, Embedded systems, Digital design